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Hey guys! This is a house I've been working on for some time now. It's a house that's built into the side of a mountain!

It's a small 3 story, 3 bedroom, 2 bath house. It has a small pond in the front with a greenhouse in the back. I made the third floor a rec/family room for your Sims to have fun in. The house is priced at $69,732 simoleons. I made the three bedrooms unfurnished so you guys could have a little fun with them.


I took a lot of pictures, so I made the pictures into a video, here is the link to it:




-Apartment Life


If some items appear to be missing, PLEASE let me know so I can fix the house for you! I coudn't remember exactly what EPs you needed for this house, so I may have missed one or two.


To download the house, you will need to install The Sims 2 Pack Clean Installer. It makes downloading houses reallllllly easy for your game lol. After you download it, just click install, then install again, and POOF, it's in your game

The link for Clean Installer is here:








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