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Hey guys! I'm back with a new house :D This one I'm quite proud of myself for :P It's a 3 story, 3 bedroom 3 bathroom house avaliable for 106,957 simoleons. I made a basement garage for the house that actually works! the animation to drive in and out of the garage is a little weird looking, but other than that it's fully functional. Besides the three bedrooms, I added a rec room to hang out in, a lounge that has things to build up skill points, and a pool with a barbeque area

Here's a pic of the outside

Pictures of the house can be found here:

I accidentaly left out the skill building room. They can be seen here. The password is npcsim

I didn't add too much to the house in case you guys wanted to add more onto it, or change things around.



Npc ;)

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