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Hey guys! So I have recently found out a lot of people don't know how to download CC into their game o.o so I am taking it upon myself to write this tutorial to show you guys how to download CC into your game :) Let's get started!

1) Create a download folder

This first step is VITAL. If you don't have a downloads folder, you can't download any custom content. If you already have a downloads folder, skip this step.

Go into your Sims 2 folder (Documents-EA Games-The Sims 2) and make sure that a downloads folder is there.

If there is no Downloads folder, create one by right-clicking, selecting "create new folder", and name it Downloads (Make sure to capitalize the D, and add an S at the end or your download folder will not work)

2) Find some CC and check your file type

Find some custom content from whatever site you like, and download it.


Check your file type.

It should be either zip, or RAR.

If your file type is a RAR type, you will need to get a program to be able to download your CC. I recommend 7Zip as it's very easy to use (Download it here:

If your file type is a zip file type, you don't need to download anything.

3) Downloading RAR file CC

Open up 7-Zip, and open up the folder where your CC would be downloaded to

Select your RAR file, and click "extract" at the top of the box.

Next, a box will come up. just ignore all the words and click ok.

Your file should begin extracting. Once it's done, go to your downloads folder (or where ever your downloads go) and look for your newly extracted CC. The file should be towards the top of your downloads folder. It won't be a RAR file anymore though, it will now be a normal file folder, with the package files (the files you're going to move into your Sims downloads folder) inside of it.

Now it's time to get your CC into your downloads folder so you can actually use it!

Open up your Sims 2 Downloads folder in another window. Now go back to your extracted file and open it up. Now just click and drag the package files into your downloads folder and you are done!

4)Downloading zip file CC

This process is significantly shorter than downloading RAR file CC.

Go to your downloads folder (or whereever your downloaded files go) and open up your zip file.

Look towards the top of the box and you should see an option that says "extract all files" if there is no button to click, just right click the package files and click extract.

Once you extract your files, it should create a new folder. Go back to your downloads folder, and look for it. It will be towards the top and unzipped now.

Now you just open your Sims 2 Downloads folder in another window, open up your new CC folder, and click and drag the package files into your Sims 2 Downloads folder and you are done!

5) Downloading lots

Downloading lots requires a slightly different process. With some lots, you simply can't put the files into your downloads folder. For lots, you will need a program called Sims2Pack Clean Installer (Download here:

Download the clean installer first, and then get a lot that you want.

Go to your downloads folder (or whereever your downloaded files go to) and find the lot you downloaded (Extract it if you haven't done so yet) The icon for the Clean Installer will be next to your lot file. Double click the lot file, and your computer will ask permission to open Clean Installer, click yes and the file will open with Clean Installer.

Next, click install, and a box will come up giving you the option to default install the file (moving it to the file Clean Installer already has) or install the file to a different folder. DO NOT MOVE THE FILE TO A DIFFERENT FOLDER. Default install it! It should say teleport. If it doesn't say teleport then change it to that. Otherwise, DO NOT TOUCH.

Now you just click install, and a box will pop up saying "Files successfully installed" 



If you are downloading clothing or hair for your Sims, always always always check for a mesh. If you don't download the mesh, your content will not show up, and you will get mad. Read the product description and make sure they say the mesh is included, or you need to download the mesh. Double check your package files for a mesh file (It will normally have big bold letters saying MESH so you know you have it) 


So there you go :P I'm sorry it was a bit long, but it was necessary since downloading custom content can be a huge pain at times. I hope you enjoyed :) Please leave me tutorial requests in the tutorial requests forum!


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