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So I know none of you guys like rules. But unfortunately, some have to be enforced.

Rule #1:Respect all members of the site. That means being nice to them, and no starting fights. If you find yourself being harassed by a member, please come to me or a mod and let us know what's going on.

Rule #2: Watch what you say. That goes for language, sexual content, graphic things, etc. I might have some young people joining my site, so please keep everything PG please.

Rule #3: Certain topics will NOT be allowed on my site. These topics are things like religion, politics, etc. Everyone has their own opinion about things, and that is totally cool, but I don't want to see freaking World War III begin on my page because two people are fighting over republicans vs Democrats. So please don't even bring that stuff up on my page lol

Rule #4: It's totally cool to not like the things I put up, but please don't bash me for it :)

If you break the rules, you will be given a warning from myself, or from a moderator. You will get two warnings. If you break the rules a third time, we will consider removing you from the site, so please behave.

So that's pretty much it lol. Four simple rules to follow :P I may be adding more as we go on just so you know. So check back on this forum often to see if I change anything. Thank you for reading this guys! <3


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