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So I wanted to share some camera tips for you guys that make machinimas for The Sims :P

1)Cameraman mode.

Cameraman mode lets you have complete control of the game's camera to record at all kinds of angles :P When I made my first machinima, I didn't know that I could do cameraman mode XD So all you see is some far away shots of my Sims. So to enter cameraman mode, you just click the TAB button on your key board. For some, it may be two arrows going the opposite direction. It's always right next to your Q button. Once you go into cameraman mode, the boxes on the bottom and top of your screen disappear so you get a full shot of The Sims without the boxes being in the way

2) Basic controls

So some controls of the camera are:

Arrow keys or WASD keys: move your camera forward, sideways, and backwards

Q and E keys: move your camera up and down

+ and - keys and Z and X keys: zoom your camera in and out

CTRL[4-9] : saves your current camera angle. This is vital to use in machinimas.  Hold the ctrl button, then select a number key 4-9  to save it. To go back to the angle you saved just click the number button you selected. But don't hold down ctrl to try and go back to your angle, as you'll overwrite it with a new one o.o

V : start recording and stop recording

3) Settings

Make sure that your video recording settings are all on high to record. If you record on low quality, it will be extremely blurry, and no one wants that lol. So do high, or if your computer can take large files, do large, uncompressed.

So that's pretty much it :P those are just some small basic things that will make a huge difference in your recordings. Good luck guys!



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